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tv   The Young Turks With Cenk Uygur  Current  November 15, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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december 1. we'll see you next time. >> welcome to the "young turks," here we go again, israel attacks gaza. >> there was a large explosion to the north of here, just to the north of gaza city. we've seen the vapor trails on dozens of rockets being fired by palestinian militants into israel. >> someone from the israeli consulate will join me on the show. that should be a very interesting conversation. >> a powerful story in ireland a woman dies because they would not give her an abortion. >> they're trying to pump her heart. the doctor has told me that we just lost her. >> mary sue milliken, a chef you might be familiar with will be on the show to talk about how we can beat hunger. >> how do you feel after you eat breakfast? yeah?
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>> some kids don't even eat at home. it would help them if they have nothing to eat. >> it will be an emotional show, but we will end on a high note. the elbow of the day is hilarious. it's go time. [ ♪ theme ♪ ] >> cenk: all right welcome to the "young turks." unfortunately as you see there we've got another battle in gaza. now, of course i'm sure the two sides will disagree as to how it got started but the palestinians agreed to a ceasefire when israeli struck again, killing in a strike that we'll show you in just a minute or so here. he was the head of the militant wing of hamas so israel felt
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justified. many civilians were killed in different gaza attacks. the israeli defense sources bragging about it on twitter: >> not only that, on you tube, they put out a video of the actual hit. now, the person inside this car is going to die just so you know. i'm giving you warning there. in fact, there's two people standards inside the car photograph for hamas was also killed in that strike. now if that wasn't enough, more insult to injury, back on twitter: >> now sure, hitting hamas's hillmilitary many would find that understandable.
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that hit is certainly an open question. civilians getting killed, i hope would have a lot less support. now one civilian killed was an 11-month-old boy. he is the son of b.b.c. average reporter jihaddal musharawi. that picture's now been seen around the world. i have a young son and it affected me significantly. here's a report from bbc. >> my sister in law was killed along with my son brother and my other son were wounded. what did my son do to die like this? what was his mistake? he is 10 or 11 months old what did he do? >> cenk: now, you will see in the rest of the media that that's ok, because it's collateral damage. if palestinians kill civilians
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they're abhorrent terrorists. when israel or the u.s. does it, it's ok, collateral damage. i find it grotesque. there's of course always another side, and i want you to watch a part of bbc report where they show where some of the rockets going into israel came from. >> it's been a noisy morning from down, really, we heard the thuds of israeli air strikes continuing all morning just within the last minute, really, there was a large explosion to the north of here, just to the north of gaza city, close to the coast road and at the same time, we've seen the vapor trails of dozens of rockets being fired by palestinian militants into israel. >> cenk: to be fair, as you just saw in that report, you see israeli shells coming in, but rockets being fired from heavily
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populated areas in the gaza strip, hence israel says i can fire back into your civilian areas and if kids get killed, that's not my fault, that's your fault. that's israel's perspective. who winds up getting killed more? israel has more fire power. three israeli's killed, 19 palestinians. four years ago with the last incursion, 13 israelis were killed but 1400 palestinians were killed, hundreds were civilians. when netanyahu the incredibly right wing leader of israel, was he says it's all justifiable. >> in recent days and weeks hamas and the other terrorist organizations in gaza have made normal life impossible for the 1 million israelis. no government would tolerate a
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situation where nearly a fifth of its people live under a constant barrage of rockets and missile fire. this is why israel will continue to take whatever action is necessary to defend our people. >> cenk: of course, which side is the u.s. going to fall on? well here, the departments are supposed to be leftwing, although i don't see that often either but when it comes to israel there will be no balanced approach. the u.s. state department deputy spokesperson says there is no justification for the violence that hamas and other terrorists organizations are employing against the people of israel. we tall on those responsible to stop these cowardly acts immediately. we support israel's right to defend itself and we encourage israel to take every effort to avoid civilian casualties. of course palestinians do not have a right to defend themselves only israel.
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when israel fires a bomb that kills 11-month-old kids, that is courageous, but when hamas does it, they're cowards. me, i'm not a right winger. i don't believe either side should be bombing. i think hamas' bombing of israel is stupid and immoral but i also think israel's bombing of those civilians is almost immoral. that's a balanced approach. now more victims muhammed abu shamawa was a cousin of a victim. >> we offer pride and solidarity. this is the reality of the palestinian people. the more martyrs we give to our cause, they keep on killing and injuring our palestinian people. it is our right and duty as palestinians to fight for our
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right and defend ourselves. >> you see how counter productive it is? whether you agree or not what happens when you kill people's friends and relatives and kids? they want to kill you for the rest of time! how is that not easy to understand? here's another family member of the victims. >> the killing to civilians young people and those who rushed to the sight of the first killing, who were assumed injured. they instead were attacked by a second israeli missile. israeli killing didn't target a military site. they targeted civilians to maximize laws. what we have experienced no matter how much we sacrifice no matter how many martyrs we lose, this is justified to regain our land and our right and we will fight until our land is ours
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again. >> cenk: where is peace? is anyone trying at all? the more bombings there are the further we get away from peace. now, actually to be fair, there is one group trying. it is the palestinians in the west bank. they want the declare have the united nations declare statehood for them just as they did for israel, and of course israel is outraged with this. if you fight with violence, they are outraged. if you fight peacefully, they are outraged. the minister of strategic affairs says: >> if you ask for statehood like israel did, there is going to be a heavy price. when is there not a heavy price? let's ask someone who might be an expert on this, david seagull, you obviously heard my
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intro where i made my side clear. i'm curious as to why the israeli government might think this might be a productive route given that the mar bombings there are the more animosity there is. >> we don't want war or bombings but the reality is in recent years, we left the gaza strip, but the reality is that in recent years. >> let me pause there for a second. ma'am has won the election there. if they won the elections, do you have a right to assassinate their military leader and if you do do they have a right to assassinate your military leader. >> we left the gaza strip in 2005. there was no reason to respond by rocket, by firing thousands of rockets into israel after we
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left. there is a problem here and a symmetry here. you have a terrorist organization hamas which controls gaza today, is controlling the population, as well and they are stockpiling firing from densely civilian areas, including schools and masks and hospitals and residential homes into israeli civilian areas on the other side of the border. our goal is to stop the firing. we left gaza, we don't want to reenter. >> in this particular case, the timing is very curious. it's right after the u.s. elections are over, president obama made a deal, gave israel iron dome and then all of a sudden, there's no incursion into gaza. right after our elections are done, all of a sudden on november 8 a two week lull in violence is broken by israel when they shoot and kill a 12-year-old boy. you might say it's an accident.
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every time a civilian is killed, israel says it's an accident. there's an awful lot of accidents. then there was a ceasefire and in this case, israel broke the ceasefire by killing jubarek. why did israel start the aggression november 8 and break the ceasefire? >> there have been three ceasefires in the last month all violated by the terror groups. egypt mediated quietly to bring quiet to the region. three times in the last month and there have been 300 rockets fired at israel within the last month from inside gaza. every time we try to reach a ceasefire with hamas, it was violated from their side. we don't want the rocket fire. we'd be crazy to want rocket fire on tel aviv tonight. we have 5 million people under rocket fire from tel aviv to jerusalem down to the outskirts of gaza. we don't want this situation.
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>> both sides always say the other side broke the ceasefire. that i know you're representing a position and i respect that and i'm glad you came on here. i've got to ask you about the statehood question. for me, for decades now i've been saying don't go the violence route don't go to truffle, it's stupid, immoral not going to give you your position and you don't kill civilians and then have the moral high ground. they go for statehood and say this is the peaceful solution and this is exactly what israel did. we're going to the u.n. what's wrong with that? >> we are not sitting down and negotiating. the obama administration want the two parties to sit down and negotiate. they don't want the palestinians going to the united nations vitallion the agreements that we already have which is going to make people angry on both sides. you're going to have unilateral measures on this side, on that side getting further away from the table. >> david they've been trying to
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negotiate for decades. what kind of negotiation is it when israel says i don't care, i'm going to continue to built settlements. >> let's look at the record. three years ago, we had a prime minister who made yet another proposal to hamas, which was conveyed by the american administration. it basically said you take back 93 94% of the west bank and gaza, the 6%, we will hold and we will in return give you swaps from inside israel for that 6%, we'll do arrangements for jerusalem and so on and so forth. the proposals have been made. the problem is there hasn't been a response. here we are all these years later without negotiations. proposals have been made you before that were fair, adequate,
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that could be improved on, but we need to talk. on the west bank today there are many things people can be unhappy about but security corporation is there the borders are by and laryngopen. the road blocks are now down. i live in israel, and i live by the green line. i live by our palestinian village, by my community and i know very well what is happening on the ground. the situation can be different because people want to live their lives. they want their kids to have schooling, they want their elderly parents to have hospitals and they want to go to work. >> david, we got to go but let me tell you something. the way to do that is to end the occupation. as long as you are occupying those people and you've been doing it for six decades you do not have the moral high ground. you don't have it. >> we're on the record, supporting a two state solution. we're waiting. >> you have an imperious way of getting there. this bombing happens right before your elections which is
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also incredibly curious. >> the jihadists like to attack israel on the eve of its elections, thinking we can't fight back. the record is when you have rockets on your communities if the united states had rockets on its communities, you would be sitting here tonight saying i support the united states. >> so then do you support hamas tiring back? >> i do not. >> hamas has rockets on their communities. shouldn't they have all rights to fair back at israel. >> right now hamas is firing on our civilian communities. >> you're firing on their communities. >> no, we are not. >> did i not see an 11-month-old dead in his father's arms. >> they are hiding and holding the civilian population. where there are mistakes, we are very unhappy about it, because we don't want to see civilians. >> it's a matter of happiness or unhappiness. >> no, a matter of morality. >> you were telling me last time around you haven't killed more
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civilians? >> let's put it this way. we don't want rocket fire on civilians period, not on our side of the border or theirs. if hamas stops the fire, we will have a peaceful situation again like we had before they started to fire. it's at simple as that. >> david seagull, thank you very much. i appreciate you representing your position. thank you. we'll be right back with american politics. i think the mob learned from wall st., not vice versa.
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(vo) she gets the comedians laughing and the thinkers thinking. >>ok, so there's wiggle room in the ten commandments, that's what you're saying. (vo) she's joy behar. >>current will let me say anything. >> cenk: back on the "young turks." here in america we are considering susan rice our ambassador for secretary of state. all the republicans are on the
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war path to make sure she does not get that. they are outraged by what she did with benghazi. >> he had this to say. >> what is clear is that this administration including the president himself has intentionally misinformed to the american people in the aftermath of this tragedy. now, president obama has the gal to name as possible secretary of state, the name of the person who is the actual vehicle used to misin form the american people during this crisis. >> cenk: really? you're concerned about somebody named rice misinforming people? how about condoleezza rice? i'm not sure susan rice was wrong about benghazi.
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here's john mccain saying he will do whatever it takes to block her nomination. >> is she effectively disqualified from being secretary of state? you would oppose her nomination? >> yes and we're talking filibuster do whatever you can to block it? >> yes. >> cenk: that's very strong language. when president obama was asked about that, he had strong language. >> if senator mccain and senator graham and others want to go after somebody, they should go after me, and i'm happy to have that discussion with them for them to go off the a u.n. ambassador who had nothing to do with ben gassy and simply making a presentation on information she received and to besmirch her reputation is outrageous. >> cenk: that is president obama
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being furious. that's how it's being described. he wanted to set the record straight. is he right or wrong? let's bring back a political correspondent that is indeed epic. >> michael you and i might disagree. susan rice on the talk shows after the attacks originally seemed to be saying that it was a video that started this, just like the protests in egypt and i didn't believe her at the time to be honest. i thought that they were trying to say this is not a terrorist attack we didn't do anything wrong, there was no negligence here. do you disagree with that? >> i don't think it's a question of disagree be or agreeing, actually cenk. i think what happened was exactly the same information
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according to every source i've read was that the congress, people like lindsey graham, john mccain were privy to the exact information. they put their u.s. ambassador out there to answer the questions. that was the company line. at the beginning of any turmoil the first reports out of anything are usually incorrect. those are the kinds of things that change over time once you know more. this was the first report she got. she shared that information. you are totally entitled to be skeptical. she wasn't doing or saying anything different than what these senators already knew. >> first of all, i don't know how much is on assessen rice. it's a matter of her getting the wrong intelligence and we don't know who did that. john mccain was on the same programs, on face the nation, john mccain said wait a minute, that doesn't really match with what i'm hearing. i'm hearing there was rocket
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propelled grenades and he was right about that. that is not something you just show up to a protest with. >> that's what he was conjecturing, you don't just show up to a protest with those. i don't know. mccain is accusing the administration of playing politics. maybe the truth will come out and the administration was playing politics on with bob schaefer and whoever else he was on with that morning, he was playing politics in the middle of an election saying things like being dubious as were you. he's a united senator. he's privy to intelligence. the intelligence he got has said that they had the same information. >> cenk: if susan rice's actions were political before the election the republican's actions now is also definitely political. they want to damage the president. >> i think the president is putting an exclamation point now. >> cenk: all right, thank you for joining us, appreciate it. when we come back, an emotional story, young mother in ireland
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desperately needs an abortion. they won't give her one because they say it's illegal. she dies. >> many irish tonight are asking how many more will die before ire land's abortion laws changed. >> this is a mess, we've lived with this for 30 years. >> this is indeed a mess. we've got so much more on the show for you tonight. come right back. [ forsythe ] we don't just come up here for the view up in alaska.
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(vo) now, it's your turn. (vo) connect with the young turks with cenk uygur. >> it's go time. >> anger and tears in the streets of dublin as hundreds of irish women protested a death many say could have been prevented. this 31-year-old dentist from india, recently seen with her
4:29 pm
husband, marking a hundred do festival and expecting their first child. >> cenk: wow that is what happened in ireland recently, and i'm so upset about it, sometimes i have trouble putting it into words and nbc has more on exactly what went wrong. >> she was 17 weeks pregnant when in late october, she came to this hospital complaining of severe pain. when doctors told her she would miscarry her child she and her husband pleaded for an abortion but was refused because the fetus still had a heartbeat. this is a catholic country, they were told. >> when are people going to stop trying to rule others through their religion? that was not her fate. what was the result? here's what happened. >> days later she did miscarry, became infected and died of
4:30 pm
blood poisoning. her husband described their last moments together: >> cenk: that's her husband, was and apparently she said before dying: >> cenk: of course that's not true there was plenty they could do but chose not to do it because they are bar barians. i don't care your religion and i don't want it forced on me. i don't believe in your religion and you have no business trying to run everybody else's lives and bodies because of what you think your religion said and that is true if you're catholic, protestant or muslim. they complain about the taliban and about sharia law and all these muslims across the world
4:31 pm
that want to impose their religion on others. that is exactly what these catholics are doing in ireland and here in the united states, as well, and not just catholics but evangelicals, as well. get our out of bodies. you want to talk about small government conservatives liars. they don't believe in small government at all. they want michael jackson government to impose their nonsense morality which is the deepest form of immorality there is upon the rest of us. did that look moral to you? that's the same kind of sickness that they want to bring her to the united states. all right kathy spiller is going to join us, it is executive editor of mismagazine and vice president of the feminist majority organization. as you can tell, i'm a little upset about this story but oftentimes, we hear from republicans oh, come on, don't be silly, you know, roe v. wade,
4:32 pm
it's not republicans are in charge, all of a sudden it would take that away or contraception but in fact, isn't that their exact plan. >> oh, there's no question, the republican party platform was very clear. they want to reverse roe v. wade, even this republican dominated congress that we've just lived with the last two years passed a bill they called the protect life bill. we called it the let women die bill. they wanted to pass a law that any hospital in this country that received any federal funds and every hospital does through medicaid or medicare that the hospital could deny an abortion to a woman, even if it was to save her life. that passed the house dominated by republicans died in the senate, but this could happen right here in the united states. >> now that's, you know, one of the problems that obama's super pac had was they did a little focus group and they showed the views that romney and ryan had
4:33 pm
to the focus group and the focus group wouldn't believe it. they said oh, come on, they're not really going to do that, right? this is one of those categories. they're not really going to let women die in hospitals because they won't give them abortions will they? they will and they just did in ireland. that's what they want to bring her. 26 different states just in the past year in 2011 did 69 different anti choice measures, trying to take away reproductive rights from women. 69 in one year. states have enacted 713 different bills taking away reprobingive rights from women. you know what, kathy, you know some of the blame goes to democrats, liberals, et cetera. they don't fight back hard enough. they leave this like an assumption, oh my god we don't want to offend the pro life people. you should offend them and get in their face and say i've had enough. >> women are in the streets
4:34 pm
fighting in their own behalf not only in ireland, but right here. look at what happened in richmond virginia when the state legislature was considering a terrible bill to limit access to abortion, this transvaginal probe that women would have to undergo hundreds and hundreds of women on the streets staring down the legislator as they walked into that capitol building. they pulled that bill because of the response. >> i love that story. i'm so glad you brought it up. if you fight back, you win. >> that's right. >> about three quarters of the country think that adoring should be legal. >> that's right. >> why wouldn't you if you're a politician, when do you ever get three quarters of the country behind you? what is the matter with them? she should be absolutely going to work on these republicans on this issue. let me show you one of those bar bareians. look at that this idiot said about the life of the mother is never in danger. >> if a woman's life is at issue, would you say she should
4:35 pm
be allowed to have an abortion. >> there is no exception with modern technology and science you can't find one instance. this is an issue that opponents of life throw out there to make us look unreasonable. there's no such exception as life of the mother, and as far as health of the mother, same thing, with advances in science and technology, there's -- health of the mother has been -- has become a tool for abortions anytime under any reason. >> you need to say it's never medically necessary to do an abortion to save a life of the mother. >> absolutely. >> cenk: what do you do when they don't even agree to reality. >> i think he found out what you do. in a major way and with a gender gap vote. the republicans who are the most extreme on this issue, who were up for reelection where there was a viable candidate lost in this and they lost on the gender gap. the gender gap was decisive in
4:36 pm
one senate race after the other and the presidential and on this issue among other issues that directly impact women. believe me, women ever noticed the attacks against their reproductive rights, not only abortion but contraception. contraception now we have to debate. women spoke up very loud and clear in this election. these republicans who are determined to push their views on all of us, i think should sit up and take notice. >> cenk: all right, thank you so much poor joining us, really appreciate it. >> thank you. >> cenk: one last note to the audience here. don't forget sevita. don't forget her. next time these dice introduce legislation, remember this is what happens. when we come back, there's another employer saying, oh, yeah, if you come to my restaurants, because of obama care, i'm going to oh put a surcharge on you. >> they're not going to be the
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nominee. >> you're going to be the nominee? >> i'm going to be the nominee. the chill of peppermint. the rich dark chocolate. york peppermint pattie get the sensation.
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>> cenk: john metz is owner of a franchise, in fact many restaurants, dairy queen dennys, and he's decided because of obamacare i'm going to not only go after my employees but i'm going to go after my consumers, add a surcharge for them. he says: >> cenk: now the reason i don't like john metz is not because he
4:41 pm
said opposed to me politically. it's the way he says it punitively. oh well, i'm going to punish my consumer, and if they don't like it, they should punish my employees by taking away their tips. it gives you his sense into what kind of a person this is, not hey, how do we major work, but who do i punish appropriately? his side of the story is often told oh, my god this health care is way too much. he explained that to the press saying look, it cost me $6,000 per employee. you see that? that's john metz, he's been given $6,000 per employee. here's the part of the story they don't tell you. he says obamacare if you do that, where does the money go? somebody has got to pay that $6,000 right? so capitol hill, the american taxpayers pay the $6,000. they'll say see that, they're shifting the cost on to you.
4:42 pm
it's actually shared responsibility in president obama's health care law. what actually happens is and these 2000 numbers of rough. it gives you a sense of how they are dispersed throughout the different players. the employee pays his part of health care, as any employee does, as you all do, and then the taxpayers chip in a little bit. these are for people who can't afford it. the employee chips in about 2,000 on average. that seems tear, right? but they don't want that. now, the part they don't tell you is but wait a minute, now if john meds doesn't pay it and the taxpayer doesn't chip in and the employer doesn't chip in, who's going to pay the $6,000? now, that's the different. the reality is as things stand now, if there was no health care law, the employee has to pay the hole $6,000. the problem with that is, the reason that they're in this category in the first place is
4:43 pm
because they don't make a lot of money. now, but it's worse than that. people who can get medicate get subsidized by the government. we're decent human beings, most of us are don't want them to die in the streets. guys working but not making a lot of money get caught in the middle. what happens if you can't pay the $6,000 bill. you can go to the emergency room but if you get cancer, you don't go to the emergency room. what happens is you die. now that's not an exaggeration. we're talking about health care. that's reality. if you don't get treatment if you have cancer and many other kinds of diseases that you can't solve in the emergency room, you die. that is the nature of human beings. so when john metz and other employers say well i don't want to pay it, what he's really saying is i'm going to put the cost on the people i know can't
4:44 pm
pay it and if it turns out they get sickness and die from it, i don't really care. that's their problem. take it away from the tip. so understand the real choices that we're making at americans. that's the reality that's why they passed that health care allow in the first place. >> when we come back, we're going to talk about a different health care issue which is hunger and obesity. we're doing a whole program on current. we're going to have one of the most famous chefs in the country in america when we come back. >> i would love to see this program repeated in every city across the country. >> cenk: and there's mary sue milliken. we will talk to her in just a few minutes. come right back. for a fresh take on a quick, delicious meal. it's one box with hundreds of possibilities.
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4:49 pm
premeasured. all we have to do is get them up to temperature and put them in a bag so they're served hot with fruit, milk and juice. we then roll it to a stationery place and they take it to the classroom where the bag is set out unzipped and each child has a complete meal. >> beautiful. oh, they're nice and wall, too. >> i'm mary sue milliken. i've gotten more and more involved in anti hunger movement. >> you like your apple juice and how about that peal? >> at queen ann's school, we have students that get breakfast. >> how do you feel after you eat breakfast? yeah? >> some kids don't eat at hole. it will help them with providing the nutrition that they need. >> every child needs a
4:50 pm
nutritious breakfast. there's a lot of research that says they do better in school. >> almost one in five kids struggles with getting the right amount of nutrition and that means that in the classroom there's a handful of kids who are coming to school hungry. >> oh, my gosh, you ate it all. great job. how about the pear? no? >> as a chef, i like to come up with gimmicks and ways to get kids engaged and excited. [ laughter ] >> it's the little ones, the tiny ones. they get hungry around breakfast time. only an hour later they're more focused. >> attendance went up, truancy went down. children attended better. there's a sense of the community
4:51 pm
in the classroom that made children treat themselves with more june this is the clean plate club. i love to see that. >> i would love to see this program repeated in every city across the country. >> maybe even having a little nutrition education during that time so that they can learn and get off to a great day. >> we don't know that the backgrounds, we don't know the needs of all children, but this way, we guarantee that all children are given a healthy breakfast. >> and mary sue milliken joins us now a company chef and owner of border grill restaurants, an top chef master, and talk about this program, what is it you guys do with the kids? >> here in los angeles the school district rolled out district wide breakfast in the classroom, which is really a
4:52 pm
federally funded program but bringing it into the classroom means we get a lot more participant. there are roughly half of the students and free and reduced lunches who didn't used to participate in the breakfast. they might come to school and not have enough to eat to really learn, their brains aren't fed they're not ready to focused or leads to getting sicker. >> cenk: believe me, you don't have to convince me. figure into a though hungry, i'm in a lot of trouble. i can't remember a thing, i get angrier. you don't want to see me angry. >> right. the breakfast in the classroom is a very cool thing to get started. the first 10 minutes of every class, they're eating, having a little social time. we're even starting to use that time as a time to teach nutrition education and ideas about how to, you know, really make your bones and brain and everything strong. strong. >> cenk: i want to ask you about government versus private. how much does the government do
4:53 pm
here and the enough? >> i think the government has funds allocated for breakfast school and lunch and they're not always used. a lot of those funds are not used, so states like california are leaving half of the money on the tail by not getting the kids connected with the food, so that's where share our strength comes in and is helping to really bridge that gap and get kids connected to healthy nutritious food. we also do some food programs of teaching, like cooking matters. >> cenk: i need that. i'm going to go to, because we've got recipes of yours an wolfgang puck up there. when we come back, elbow of the day. you're going to want to see it.
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>> cenk: turns out it's viewpoint with eliot spitzer. what's going on on the program today. >> we've got a great program today. i'm glad i was listening to the last segment you did. feeding cenk is important. you don't want a hungry cenk out there. i'll remember that next time i'm near you, bring you something to feed you. we've got newly elected senator from north dakota, making history. it's great. we'll talk about immigration mitt romney's 50 theory about how the give away gift for barack obama, do you believe that, is that insane? >> cenk: i saw those romney quotes and i thought he was actually a worse guy than i thought. it was definitely tinged with racism, too. >> it's the 47% all the way back. we're talking about what's going on in the middle east, a lot of stuff to cover tonight. >> cenk: sounds great.
4:56 pm
we'll be right back with elbow of the day. >> i'll send you some food. >> cenk: all right, elbow today goes to one of my favorite people in the country. louis gohmert is one of the dumbest people let alone in congress, the whole nation. he goes into a meeting with other republicans and has a priliant suggestion for speaker of the house. you ready for this one? newt gingrich. i got news for you newt gingrich is not in congress anymore. louis says you don't have to be a member of the body to be a speaker. to be fair to louis that's true. when is the last time someone was not a member of congress and
4:57 pm
became speaker of the house? yeah, that would be never. you need someone to second that nomination for it to go forward. before that second came in, of course, newt gingrich jumped in and said this. >> you're going to be the nominee. >> i want to be the nominee. i want to be the nominee. >> cenk: guess what! it turns out he was wrong again. nobody seconded the nomination. how awesomely embarrassing is that? there are several hundred republicans and then after that awkward moment passed, they voted for boehner. he won overwhelmingly and got a standing ovation. louis, get in there. get in the middle of the ring you dumb ass. that's tyt elbow of the day on louis gohmert for not requesting that a guy who is not in congress might not be the best choice for speaker of the house. what an unbelievable doofus. that's the show for tonight. we'll see you tomorrow.
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